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The Flavor of Dominican Christmas: Pasteles en Hoja
Dec. 11
San Pedro de Macorís is famous for Pasteles en Hoja and home to NPH Dominican Republic. Make this popular Dominican dish at home and savor the local flavor of the holidays.
Monte Plata Transition Home - A History
Apr. 9
The NPH Dominican Republic transition home works with government agencies to care for children rescued from high-risk situations.
Casa San Marco: A home for children with special needs
Mar. 15
NPH Dominican Republic has programs that serve a sizable population of children in the country who have special needs and don’t otherwise receive professional support or help.
Newly Appointed Cruise Employees Set Sail
Dec. 11
Four young men take off on an incredible opportunity with Mediterranean Shipping Company, embarking on a cruise to Europe as newly appointed employees.
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A Dominican Youth Explains Why “Christmas is a time to be grateful"
Dec. 11
Christmas customs vary from one country to another, but the love and sense of belonging felt by one 14-year-old boy is common for children in the NPH family.
Today I'm someone new
Sep. 20
Junior Nathanael recounts his evolution from illiterate street kid to grateful young man with hope for the future.
A Young Man Secures His Future
Sep. 19
NPH Dominican Republic is committed to educating vulnerable children in the communities we serve.
NPH Farms: Sustaining and Educating
Mar. 16
Antonio is a hardworking young man preparing for a future career by working on our NPH farm in the Dominican Republic.
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