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Salven el Mundo
Jul. 20
“Salven el mundo”: A theatrical presentation depicting the power children have to save the world by recycling
Project Green
Jun. 19
An opportunity to be productive, creative and keep learning.
Living Life with Dignity and Grace like NPH Taught Us
May 1
Two NPH youths explain how NPH impacted their life.
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Godparents Needed

The Mango Tree
Jul. 6
Fond memories of cultivating their own trees and harvesting the fruit.
Discovering His Potential in Vocational School
Mar. 13
Ensuring better lives for the future.
An Empowered Woman
Feb. 22
A young leader shares the hardships she has encountered.
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Education Materials
Feb. 5
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Our Impact in 2016

  3,258 supported children
  118 new arrivals
  34 university graduates
  203 high school graduates
  125 full time volunteers
  423 Holy Sacraments
  100,068 services provided through community programs


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