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From Gray to Vibrant Colors

A notable change in the lives of “Pequeñas” Lily and Julia
November 23, 2016 - Dominican Republic

Lily and Giulia before coming to our family

Roughly 20% of the Dominican population lives in extreme poverty.

In a census performed by CEPAL in 2013, done among the countries in the region, the Dominican Republic figures had the highest number of people in conditions of poverty and indigence with levels of 20.2%. For Latin America in general these numbers are rising.

An example of this can be seen through the lives of our pequeñas *Lily and *Julia. Before coming to our NPH family the girls had a very unstable life. They lived in a very poor community in very precarious conditions. The little girls suffered from malnutrition and serious health problems.

In their short lives (10 and 11 years), they had to work very hard making charcoal in the hills to help sustain their family.

The girls did not live the life as they should for girls their age. They did not receive basic care such as hygiene, the opportunity to regularly attend a school, or enjoy any children´s toys. They did not have a secure roof or a comfortable bed where they could rest at night. The certainly did not enjoy a family life either.

One summer afternoon, a ray of light arrived in the lives of little Lily and Julia. In June of 2016 the girls became a part of our great family and literally passed from a gray life to one of radiant colors.

Now Lily and her sister Julia are enjoying a new home in a great family, a secure roof, a bed, daily meals, clothing, an education, and above all the love and affection they need. Their favorite activity at our home is bicycle riding and they are fanatics of rice and beans.

Talking with the girls I could tell they had no memories of Christmas because they never had celebrated Christmas. They had never enjoyed a family Christmas with lights, gifts and celebrations. They only remember eating something special mostly thanks to the generosity of some neighbor. They now have great Christmas expectations. Julia expresses a wish, which for many might be simple but for her it is huge. She says, “For Christmas I want a doll, a plate, a cup and a glass.” Maybe subconsciously she wants to be assured that she will not lack anything to eat and play with.

With this story we want to thank all those who in some way continue to contribute to the transformation of lives of the children, and at the same time motivate others to continue to saving children from at risk situation.

Lily and Julia will enjoy a full life. They will not only have their first colorful and brilliant Christmas, but they will also have a happy life in their NPH family. *Names have been changed for privacy reasons.

To consult statistics in Spanish go to: http://acento.com.do/2015/economia/8216157-20-de-la-poblacion-dominicana-vive-en-pobreza-extrema-segun-la-cepal/

Daniela Candelario   
Communication Officer

You may be only one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child.
—Fr. William Wasson




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