Glenis is a Teacher with Vocation and Charisma

She teaches a high school class with added value of kindness and motivation.
September 26, 2016 - Dominican Republic

Fourth High School Class

Glenis graduated with a license in Education with a focus on Social Sciences for high schoolers. She believes that working with children and adolescents is a God-given gift as well as collaborating with NPH. These are the purposes God has given her life. She is the social sciences teacher for the twelfth graders in our school.

Glenis says, “I have always liked working with children. Before coming to NPH I worked with children in my church, in other schools, and institutions that help minors. At NPH, I discovered that it is not enough to have education, a roof over your head, food and water, and family. In order for life to be complete and successful, it is necessary to have that same roof over your head, food and water, and family, but you have to add love. I am very happy for having come to this big family where the children are welcomed into a home full of all the basic necessities and more. I understand that in addition to teaching, my role as a teacher is to give my students incentives for studying and help them form that habit. By working on personal aspects, the students begin to think and act like compassionate men and women inside and outside of NPH. My responsibility is to discipline when needed and ensure that my students perform well.

In our curriculum, we include critical thinking, social science related workshops, and debates that help support healthy competition and motivation.”

The twelfth grade class recognizes the work that Glenis has put into learning, her charisma and motivation. The students in her class say the following about Glenis below.

“I appreciate her because I see the effort she puts into each class. She dedicates all the time we need and does it with love.” - Elpidio

“She does not only focus on class, but takes advantage of moments to give us good advice. I feel like she sees us more than her students, she sees us as her children.” - Carlos

Glenis expresses, “In the case of our class, it is a result of many years of work. This class is a group of hardworking adolescents in which we have cultivated teamwork and friendship. When the students make mistakes, it was my job to correct them a few times and bring it to their attention. This group of students didn't get upset about being corrected, but instead took it well and tried to improve. I love them so much and I can see the potential in all of them. I teach them that education is the key to get out of poverty.

The truth is that the children at NPH have big challenges awaiting them in their future. It is very important that they receive a quality education that will help them surpass life’s obstacles and help them be successful.

Something that we all notice about Glenis is her constant smile and kindness. Thank you for teaching more than just sciences, Glenis, thank you for teaching values.

Daniela Candelario   
Communication Officer




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