Advice from an Hermano Mayor: You Decide Your Own Limits.

A letter from an Hermano Mayor who grew up in the home, for the entire NPH family
August 10, 2017 - Dominican Republic

Gabriel`s little face when he was entering to the home in 2003

Gabriel arrived at NPH when he was nine years old, and he lived here for more than ten years. He is what we call an 'Hermano Mayor', meaning he grew up here in the home and has moved on to start his life outside of NPH.

Gabriel studied his way to receiving a high school diploma at NPH. During his time here, Gabriel shares that he was dynamic, truthful and troubled; and he said what needed to be said to whoever needed to hear it. In many ways he was a leader, and not a shy one at that!

He is now starting his family and finishing his law degree. He wrote a letter for the entire NPH family in the DR. It's so honest and truthful, that we think everyone should read it.

"If a dreamer dies, his dreams die too. Work is the key to success.

A special greeting from the depths of my heart to all, my brothers and sisters, caregivers, friends, volunteers, directors and staff at NPH.

I am doing well both in my personal and social life. I am very proud of myself for achieving so many things, thanks to God and my hard work.

I am finishing my degree, I am studying to be a lawyer, I have two cars and a solar panel, and a few other things.

I tell you this, not to lift myself up or for you to think of me as a hero, if not for you to see and know that with hard work, dedication, and humility all things are possible. You decide your own limits, don’t let anyone determine your dreams for you.

When I left NPH I made myself a promise, I would fight for my dreams and not depend on others to achieve them.

Nothing is easy in life, but what matters is your approach, your attitude is important, positive sayings matter: I can, I will, and I am capable. Never say I cannot, if you doubt your abilities you will never succeed.

I am very proud to have been raised in and to be a part of the NPH family; when I was in the home I felt good, I learned things that I did not know.

I don’t visit NPH often, it isn’t because I don’t want to, it’s for a lack of time. I study, work, and have other responsibilities.

I value everyone, hugs and kisses.

Give it the best you can, never stray and above all put your faith in God.

Only those who experience hardship grow stronger and persevere."

Gabriel Ceballos   
An Hermano Mayor from the DR




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