2019 Statistics for all NPH Homes

NPH Population

3,308Fully supported children and youth
166New arrivals in our homes
878Children and women living with AIDS and HIV who are treated or supported by NPH
1,400Honduras Holy Family Surgery Center surgeries
9,577Honduras Holy Family Surgery Center consults
51University graduates (45% women)
326High School graduates (55% women)
2,593Children from low-income households and vulnerable neighborhoods who receive scholarships from NPH to attend school
90NPH youth who earned a vocational certification (50% women)
59Full-time skilled volunteers from 9 countries
407Childcare staff trained in global best practices and NPHI standards
512Holy Sacraments celebrated (First Communion, Baptism, Confirmation)
107,749Services provided through community outreach programs

Medical Services

760Children with chronic conditions living in NPH homes (including children with special needs)
49Children who are HIV-positive or living with AIDS in NPH homes
1,482Well-child checkups
2,477Vaccinations administered
22,442Physician and nurse consults
4,870Therapy treatments and services (occupational, physio, art, speech)
4,530Dental treatments and services




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