A Neighborly Visit

Seven students from Santo Domingo visit our home and spend time with our neighbors.
August 27, 2017 - Dominican Republic

The seven students receiving a brief tour of Batey Nuevo

On the June 14th, we received a lively visit of seven female students from the Saint George School in Santo Domingo. These girls aged 14 to 17 were given a tour of our property, however their main intention was to get to know our neighboring community Batey Nuevo. After touring the area, the girls walked to the house of a community woman named Leida, who owns her own corner store. In Leida’s house the girls along with 12 girls from the Batey were shown how to make Johnny Cakes (Jonnikeke’s in Spanish).

The main objective for the girls was not necessarily to learn how to make the delicious fried dough (made from flour, water, and salt), it was to bond with the community members to break down stereotypes built through lack of exposure. As the morning progressed and Leida was cooking the treat, the girls started to braid each other’s hair, and take photos with one another, joke around and have fun. The best part for Sushila was “because the jonnikeke’s took a long time the girls started to exchange things on their phones, and started doing each other’s hair, and interacting”. Sushila also commented that because it was a small group of students the community was able to bond better.

Once everything was settled down, the girls sat down to have a discussion about businesses. Simon a volunteer art therapist was asked to draw a business plan with simple pictures so everyone could understand a business strategy (pictured above). “The idea was to create something that people who cannot read understand. Also the idea was to create something for people with short attention spans”. The map only has five steps which allows for people to see the basic steps they need to take to make their business successful. Once his drawing was complete they spoke about how to run a business, everyone understood the concept.

The morning was filled with learning, not only did the girls learn how to make a small business profitable, they also learned about food safety and food service, they were shown the appropriate way to wash their hands, what kind of clothing is acceptable in a kitchen, and how to wear their hair.

Kelsey A   
Communication Officer Assistant




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